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LAID TO DUST [2015] Laid To Dust

Started in late 2011 in Concord, New Hampshire with a desire to create roots-style music in the tradition of the masters of bluegrass, folk, country, and good ole' fashioned rock n' roll, the current incarnation of the band was realized in April of 2012. Beer and whiskey was consumed, songs were formed, and finally their first live gig came around in January of 2013. Onward they roll...

01 - Torn
02 - Another Dawn
03 - Wasted Alone
04 - One Last Bottle
05 - Black Clouds Gather



Tuesday, March 13, 2018


01 - BILLYGOAT & THE MONGRELS - Sweet Caroline
02 - BLACK BIRD RISING - Eleven Years
04 - CHERRYWOOD - Autumn Blues
05 - CHUCK'S WAGON - One More Time
06 - DEAD BEAT DADDIOS - Third Time Around
07 - THE DENNIS BOYS BAND - Country Style
08 - THE DIRTY HANKS - Let Me Get My Message Down
09 - DUSTY MILES - Cold Blooded Blues
10 - EATEN BY DOGS - Dead Needs Company
12 - GRAVEYARD TRAIN - The Deep, Deep Well
13 - THE KILL DEVIL HILLS - Gunslinger
14 - MIGHTIEST OF GUNS - A Return To Violent Ways
15 - MO TROWEL & THE DELIVERY - All I Got (Paul's Song)
16 - PADDY McHUGH & THE GOLDMINERS - John Kanaka Blues
17 - ROLAND KAY-SMITH - Marylou, I See You Too
18 - THE SCRIMS - Misty Mountainside
19 - SONS OF THE EAST - Farmer
20 - SYDNEY CITY TRASH - The Convict

141.09 Mb

For those who are wondering, this is an all Aussie compilation.

Monday, March 12, 2018


No good feel bad three man junk band.

"If Tom Waits was a goth who lives in a swamp, he might sound something like this band. Seuora is a combination of doom blues, swamp rock, spirit of Halloween and just a hint of folk."

Born from the ashes of Northern Antarctican Non-Flying Flying Circus in 2012 (I think) Seuora is a junk-box blues band that combines elements from old timey cabaret, death blues and European folk-noire, and blends them into an evil dripping sludge of mean spirited lyrics and haunting melodies.

1. [2013] Sir Fungus & The Satan Spawns - We Are All Going To Die

A dark & bizarre collection of odd tunes and ditties cooked up by the demented minds of N & J.

We Are All Going To Die takes you through a world of fire, darkness and kittens, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy!

"Sinister, evil, yet funky as hell. Best stuff of the Great Sir Fungus to date. You can really feel the presence of all the Dark Lords known to man. The end of days is here and "Sir Fungus & The Satan Spawns" will make sure you know that you won't ever see Salvation." -Mr Walrot

01 The Blues
02 Untold Stories
03 Decadence My Friend
04 Flames
05 Jenny
06 One With The Void
07 One To The Wind
08 Never Hungry Again
09 Hollow Men
11 Taxidermy Waltz
12 Broken
13 Freak
14 Trapped

Released 03 May 2013

N - Guitar, Accordion, Keyboard, Vocals.
J - Drums, Keyboard, Backing Vocals.

Name your price download

2. [2013] Sir Fungus & The Satan Spawns - Voodoo Waltz

Midi mishaps & effect rape. The sound of the future.

01 Voodoo Waltz

Released 20 May 2013

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3. [2013] The Satan Spawns - Electric Chair Cabaret

A little audio sample of the works of The Satan Spawns.

Elechacab walks you through the different musical styles of The Satan Spawns, all the way from creepyish un-metal black metal to cheerful jingles about burning gods and back to more soothing songs about death and decay.

Elechacab truly is the best possible starter's guide to The Satan Spawns.

01 Intro
02 Weightless
03 Cross
04 Johnny
05 Christmas Is Cancelled
06 Winter Solstice In Limbo

Released 11 December 2013

Music by Nigel Fungus
Lyrics by Nigel Fungus & Walter Rotsworth

Nigel - Guitar, Melodica, Vocals
Walter - Bass, Background Vocals
Johnny - Drums
Dr. Wall - Vocals & Background Vocals

Recorded at Addiction Gallery with the help of J. Kiiveri.

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4. [2014] The OddBeats

01 Wither Away
02 One To The Wind
03 Forgive Me
04 Rattlin'
05 34512
06 Darling
07 I'll
08 Evil Within
09 Hate The Dead / Envy The Living
10 Death Cult

released 18 December 2014

Rev F. - Guitar, Melodica, Vocals
J. Backwater - Percussions
W. Rotsworth - Bass
Cantor J. Wall - Vocals

All songs written and performed by Seuora

Recorded at BT mobile studios

Free download

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5. [2015] The Death Hymns (Split Album with Black Claw)


01 Seuora - Deep & Dark
02 Seuora - Never Hungry Again
03 Seuora - Who Goes There
04 Seuora - Baby Eaters
05 Seuora - Starlight Nausea
06 Seuora - Hush
07 Seuora - Lockjaw
08 Seuora - Home
09 Black Claw - Horrible Days (Nashville Demo)
10 Black Claw - Filth, Hate And Lies (Unreleased)
11 Black Claw - Whiskey Shiver (Unreleased)
12 Black Claw - Thieving Bones - Horrible Days (Nashville Demo)
13 Black Claw - Tear Your Skin (Unreleased)
14 Black Claw - Tillsonburg (Stompin Tom Cover)
15 Black Claw - Nothing (Compound Demo)
16 Black Claw - Piano Out Take (4AM Whiskey Session)

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01 Black Claw - Horrible Days (Nashville Demo)
02 Black Claw - Filth, Hate And Lies (Unreleased)
03 Black Claw - Whiskey Shiver (Unreleased)
04 Black Claw - Thieving Bones - Horrible Days (Nashville Demo)
05 Black Claw - Tear Your Skin (Unreleased)
06 Black Claw - Tillsonburg (Stompin Tom Cover)
07 Black Claw - Nothing (Compound Demo)
08 Black Claw - Piano Out Take (4AM Whiskey Session)
09 Seuora - Deep & Dark
10 Seuora - Never Hungry Again
11 Seuora - Who Goes There
12 Seuora - Baby Eaters
13 Seuora - Starlight Nausea
14 Seuora - Hush
15 Seuora - Lockjaw
16 Seuora - Home

$1 USD or more

Black Claw - Primitive and angry death roots (Canada)
Seuora - No good feel bad three man junk band (Finland)

Released June 21, 2015

6. [2015] Rest In Space

01 Phengophobia
02 Self
03 Rattlin' Again
04 Rest In Space
05 Lord Of Blight

Released 1 October 2015

Rev. F. - Vox, Guitar, Bass, Melodica, Percussions
J. "Jugs" Backwater - Percussions

Free download

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7. [2016] Revisitation

01 Still Weightless
02 Evil Within Revisited

Two tracks recorded in April 2016.

Released July 20, 2016

Rev F - Vox, Guitar
J. Backwater - Percussions, Backing Vocals
W. Rotsworth - Bass, Backing Vocals
Laika/hounddog - Banjo, Backing Vocals

Free download

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8. [2016] Call Of The Void

2016 Halloween song. There's nothing scarier than this life we live. True horror comes from within.

01 Call Of The Void

Released October 28, 2016

Rev F. - Vox, guitar, melodica
Jugs - Percussions
Rev F. channeling Rotsworth - Bass

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1. [2014] The Witch Of Glendale

Debut EP from this Singer of Dark Songs from Kazakhstan.

"Every song tells a story. Sometimes we don't like the ending... sometimes we don't understand it. But remember - these stories are told by a ragged scarecrow flapping on the winds of woe... and these stories are of grief, misery, horror and death."

01 - The Witch Of Glendale
02 - Seven Silent Crows
03 - The Coven Is Rising
04 - Lady Forlorn

Free Download HERE HERE or HERE

2. [2015] Daughters Of The Twilight

The stories told by a wailing mad banshee swept by the winds of woe... and these stories are of grief, misery, horror and death.

01 - Daughters Of The Twilight
02 - Dead Kingdom

Free Download HERE HERE or HERE

3. [2017] Mistwirler - Law Yet Unbroken

01 - Law Yet Unbroken

Bansheerie - music, lyrics, guitar, vocals
Vivita - music, banjo, vocals

Free Download

4. [2017] ...and I always win (Split with Hiazm)

01 - Hiazm - I am the rot in your festering ear
02 - Bansheerie - Seven Aces

Free Download

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A Message From American Space Monkey - New Band Name / New Band

Now that their previous band American Space Monkey has broken up for the 5th or 6th time, they finally decided to start fresh and come up with a new band name.

Say hello to pedler!

They began recording and releasing new music in January 2018.  The goal is to release a new demo every month of the year, followed by a full length album at the end of the year.  They'll be posting updates on the writing and recording process along the way, and will hopefully be back playing live shows in the Spring.

You can grab the first demo "Homebled" for name your price download from here!

And you can grab the second demo "Bide Your Tongue" for name your price download from here!

ANDREW SHEPPARD [2015] Far From Here

01 Get It While You Can
02 Won't Stand For It
03 So Much More
04 Lucky One
05 Like Any Other Man
06 When Our Hearts Go Out Of Tune
07 This Ain't A Bad Place (To Be At Your Worst)
08 Waiting In The Rain
09 Far From Here
10 Easy Life
11 Piece Of Me

Name Your Price Download

ANDREW SHEPPARD & THE GALLIVANTS [2014] Trouble After Midnight EP

01 Trouble After Midnight
02 Well Worn
03 Won't Stand For It
04 Something To Lose
05 Born To Win

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Andrew Sheppard To Release Great New Album 'Steady Your Aim' On 23 March

“Soulful country with an outlaw mentality” - Treefort Music Festival

Singer-songwriter Andrew Sheppard grew up in Hailey, Idaho in an extended musical family, his mother was always playing and singing in rock and blues bands. As a kid Andrew was always at his moms rehearsals and live shows, drawing in the music as a constant. Sheppard was playing bass in punk rock bands in high school and by the age of 19, he picked up the guitar and started writing his own songs. 10 years later, he is poised to release his sophomore album, Steady Your Aim on March 23rd.

Steady Your Aim is a concept record, a musical journey in which every song was methodically thought out to fit the record. An analog recording, it is a cinematic dreamscape narrative that is richly layered with the pedal steel, piano, cello, Wurlitzer and organ. All of their parts are gently tucked in which leaves the listener wondering just what it is they are actually hearing. “We used traditional sounding instruments to create a new sound,” said Sheppard. “For example, we used cello on this record because I wanted a deep sound that didn’t come from anything electric or synthetic. Instead of being a ‘lead’ instrument we used it as a texture tool giving the songs a more rich and ‘real’ feel.” Produced by Sheppard, Eric Loomis and Wes Walsworth (both of whom play guitar on the album), Steady Your Aim was recorded at Ivy Hall Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. John Mayfield at Mayfield Mastering mastered the record.

Leaving Idaho just after high school, Sheppard headed to Los Angeles, CA to pursue his other passion, skateboarding. After a blown-out knee derailed his skating plans, he shifted his focus back to writing music. In 2008 he formed the band, Gypsy River Haunts that disbanded in 2012.  Feeling the need to roam, he bought a car, loaded up his dog and headed around the country collecting stories for what he deemed his “record-writing road trip”. After 8,000 miles of driving, Sheppard wound up back in Idaho with no plan to stay, but realized after landing, that all his childhood friends were great musicians and that he had everything he needed to make the record he had in mind.  Packing it up for a trip to LA, Sheppard and pals recorded Far From Here in 2015 at Bedrock Studios before heading back to Idaho. “I realized how much more I thrive in a mountain town,” said the artist. “I need to be in nature to feel a bit more sane.”

But a slower pace doesn’t mean that Sheppard has slowed down. He is on the road constantly (both solo and with band), playing festivals such as Stagecoach Country Music Festival, Treefort Music Festival, The Feed LA Festival and The Northern Rockies Music Festival. He’s shared the stage with The Black Lillies, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Whiskey Shivers and Scott H. Biram and has toured with friend and fellow roots musician, Jeff Crosby.

On Steady Your Aim, Sheppard doesn’t sugarcoat any of the emotions in his songwriting. He writes honest music that comes from the heart and darker places in life. The first track of the album “Take A Walk With Me” is inspired by packing up his life in LA and heading back to the mountains…” I was tired of the coast, so I booked it for the pines. Took a swing at the open road and caught up with my mind.” The more somber 2nd song, the title track, is a response to the first song, where he is taking the musical journey and dealing with the trials and tribulations of what being a musician on the road means. “The instruments are meant to make you look at everything wide-screen, like watching a film,” he explains.

From the sad and happy, “Here at the Bottom”, to the protest vision of “Not My Kind”, to the traditional (yet modern) waltz of “Holy Water” Steady Your Aim takes you on a musical journey from start to finish with a modern and experimental sound. Sheppard writes songs and music that isn’t a carbon copy of other country and Americana artists and that touches on subjects you don’t typically touch.

“Writing a song is something that I don’t, and won’t take for granted,” Sheppard vows. “Every show, every tour and every album provide me with new insight and a new way of looking at life. It helps me grow as a person and an artist and I want to see where that takes me for the rest of my life.”

“Outlaw Country Artist of the Week goes out to @Mr_Sheppard - This guy's the real deal” - Buckshot

“Dang Mr. Sheppard you made a helluva record. I gotta get my pulpit out for this one.” - Both Kinds of Music

This is one great record folks and a worthy addition to your music collection, so don't forget to buy this gem when it releases on March 23rd, 2018 and will be available on digital and CD.

Modern Mongolian Twang

Friday, March 2, 2018


01 - WHISKEY SHIVERS - Gave Away
02 - THE WHISKEY CLUB - Morning Light
05 - WHISKEY ACHIEVERS - The Traveler
06 - HELLDORADO - Waiting Around To Die
07 - THE WHISKEY PROPHETS - The Way I'm Wired
08 - THE WHISKEY DROP - Running Wild
09 - BLACK EYED VERMILLION - If Heaven Is Dry, I Don't Wanna Go
10 - BOURBON CROW - One More Round
11 - WHISKEY MYERS - Bar, Guitar And A Honky Tonk Crowd
12 - WHISKEY DAREDEVILS - Ear To The Ground
13 - BOURBON BOYS - Hellfire
14 - WHISKEY & CO. - Top Poppin'
15 - THE WHISKEY GENTRY - Drinking Again
16 - HARLEY POE - Untitled
17 - WHISKEY RIDERS - Freedom
18 - BEFORE YOU DIE... - Killswitch
19 - TRIPLE ESPRESSO - Graveyard Train

128.82 Mb

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Formosa Set To Release Awesome 2nd Album 'Sorry For Being Sexy'

Photo: Angelina Ouchani

Formosa is hot, sexy, loud and dirty. You can hear some Kiss feel some Misfits and see some Bowie. Hard Rock can be rebellious. Hard Rock can be queer! The new record 'Sorry For Being Sexy' combines these characteristics and makes it a masterpiece of modern Rock´n´Roll. It will be released via Sweepland Records on 2nd March 2018.

This is one great rockin' slab of music folks, an essential part of any discerning rock fan's collection, all killa no filla!!

You can purchase this awesome slab of music as Digital Album for €10 EUR or more / Black Vinyl for €22 EUR or more / Compact Disc for €14 EUR or more from HERE!

The German 3-Piece will be on Tour in most European countries 2018. Starting with East-& South-Europe in March.

02.03.18 – Essen – (Café Nova)
03.03.18 – Antwerpen BE – (Rocking Bull)
09.03.18 – Erlangen – (Gummi Wörner)
10.03.18 – Budapest, HU – (S8 Underground)
12.03.18 – Zadar, HR – (D8 Rock Cafe)
13.03.18 – Split, HR – (Klub Kocka)
14.03.18 – Mostar, BIH – (Durazik)
15.03.18 – Podgorica, MNE – (Radio Klub Skadar)
16.03.18 – Mitrovica, RKS – (Krim Klub)
17.03.18 – Sofia, BGR – (Grindhouse Skate Club)
18.03.18 – Nis, SRB – (Black Stage)
19.03.18 – Pale, BIH – (Undergrounder Artman)
20.03.18 – Tuzla, BIH – (BKC Klub)
21.03.18 – Osijek, HR – (Dand Bar)
22.03.18 – Vercelli, IT – (Officine Sonore)
23.03.18 – Pontinvrea, IT – (Beer Room)
24.03.18 – Innsbruck, AU – (Prometheus)
06.04.18 – Eernegem, BE – (B52)
07.04.18 – Namur, BE – (Pub Factoy)
13.04.18 – Ulm – (Studentencafé)
19.04.18 – Krefeld – (Blauer Engel) – Unplugged
20.04.18 – Hamburg – (Lehmitz)
21.04.18 – Düsseldorf – (Brauerei Schumacher)
27.04.18 – Furtwangen – t.b.a.
28.04.18 – Karlsruhe – (Z10)
05.05.18 – Donauwörth – (Doubles Starclub)
09.05.18 – Lippstadt – (Güterbahnhof)
11.05.18 – Dortmund – (Blackend)
12.05.18 – Oberhausen – (Crowded-House)
18.05.18 – Singen – (Blaues Haus)
19.05.18 – Offenburg – (Stud)
25.05.18 – Breda, NL – (Café de Speeltuin)
26.05.18 – Essen – (Don’t Panic)
08.06.18 – Oss, NL – (Café Lollipop)
09.06.18 – Gelsenkirchen (R:A:B OpenAir)

New Gothic Western Website! is a collective dedicated to spreading the word about, and knowledge of, all facets of this dark subculture: music, film, literature, fashion, art and other aspects of the Gothic Western lifestyle.

What is Gothic Western? They feel it encapsulates anything relating to the darker side of the Old West, New West, and everything in between. Within this subculture, they include Southern Gothic (as many settlers in the West came from the old antebellum South, bringing their curses and hoodoo with them.) They will also include some of the dark tales of the Wild West in Old West Catacombs.

Dark Western film & TV, as well as Gothic Country & Western and Bluegrass music (often called “Streetgrass” or “Bloodgrass“), has seen a conflagrant rise in popularity in recent times across the nation as well as overseas. They are committed to bringing forth the latest news, events, and releases while simultaneously delving into the history of Gothic Western by showcasing past releases and productions. Gothic Western will unearth the archives and scour their own collections to flesh out the definitive history of this fascinating genre.


02 - BABY FACE NELSON - Return To Heartache
03 - BAREFOOT SERVANTS - Better Off Dead
08 - THE DEVILHEADS - Bullet For Billy
09 - THE DIVORCEES - Little White Pills
10 - HEADWATER - Brown Stone Road
13 - THE LENNEROCKERS - Think It All Over
14 - SACRED COWBOYS - Nothing Grows In Texas
15 - SICK MAN'S MILL - Killing Time Blues
16 - SIXTEEN HORSEPOWER - Slow Guilt Trot
17 - THE STEELDRIVERS - Drinkin' Dark Whiskey
18 - SWAMPDAWAMP - Rock This Country
19 - TWO CROWS JOY - Another Trip Around The Sun
20 - X-RATED COWBOYS - End Of The World

101.11 Mb

Saturday, February 24, 2018


01 - TOM PAXTON - What Did You Learn In School Today
02 - BISCUITS & GRAVY - Spinning Blue Ball
04 - GEORGE DEVEAUX - Dear Globe
05 - CURVED WATER & ERIC DUBAY - Cosmic Fairytale
06 - NEO RETROS - The Zetetic Astronomers (feat. The Lone Gunman)
08 - JOE WEST - Heaven
09 - JOHNNY CASH - The Man Comes Around
10 - THE UNTAMED - Living Dead
12 - LAID TO DUST - Another Dawn
13 - CHAPEL STREET - Take A Fresh Look
14 - DAZ NEZ - Word To The Wise
15 - MERLE HAGGARD  - What I Hate
16 - TILLER WILLS - 11:11
17 - SYLVIA BAGGE - Casting Off The Priests
18 - ONE BIG LOVE - Cognition
19 - ROBERT EARL KEEN - For Love (Live)
20 - GANDALF - Water Of Love

136.15 Mb

Down The Rabbit Hole - Personal Discovery and Escape