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Nikki Sudden Live At WFMU - 3 Recordings

1. Live At WFMU On Stork's Show 19 April 1998

The Chamber Strings from Chicago are joined by the legendary Nikki Sudden (Swell Maps / The Jacobites) for a live set on The Stork Club!

01. The Chamber Strings - Everyday Is Christmas
02. The Chamber Strings - Telegram
03. The Chamber Strings - Flashing Star
04. The Chamber Strings - I Can't Lose
05. The Chamber Strings - It's Not Worth Fighting For
06. The Chamber Strings - Dead Man's Poise
07. Nikki Sudden - Silver (w/ The Chamber Strings)
08. Nikki Sudden - Stained (w/ The Chamber Strings)
09. Nikki Sudden - Midget Submarines/Kiss At Dawn (Medley) (w/ The Chamber Strings)
10. Nikki Sudden - Tie You Up (w/ The Chamber Strings)
11. Nikki Sudden - Broken Door (w/ The Chamber Strings)

Released 11 January 2011.

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2. Live At WFMU On Terre T's Show 18 January 2002

The former Swell Maps frontman graces the WFMU studios with a full hour of his absolutely stellar, emotive and fragile songs. Nikki gave us a performance of his Jacobites material, and a reworking of a Swell Maps song (done solo acoustic!?!), plus a brilliant song he wrote ON THE SPOT... jeezus! (Terre and engineer Diane were a melted puddle of putty by the time this legend kissed our hands goodbye and walked out the door...) -Terre T, Jan 2002

Respectable (Rolling Stones)
When Angels Die
Barbara's Song (partial)
2 Bad 4 U
Aeroplane Blues (partial)
Stay Bruised (for Barbara)
Fortune of Fame
Back 2 the Coast
Out of Egypt
Diary of a Lover (Johnny Thunders)
Behind the Lines/As Tears Go By (Rolling Stones)
Rare Old Times (Dubliners)
Midget Submarine (Swell Maps)
Teenage X-Mas (Jacobites)
Barbara's Song

The above playlist is in 1 file as Live at WFMU's Cherry Blossom Clinic (full set)

Released 4 December 2008

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3. Live At WFMU On Mike's Show 20 March 2006

Mike Lupica via WFMU's Beware of the Blog, March 27, 2006:

Nikki Sudden, founding member of pre-punk greats the Swell Maps, Dylanesque duo the Jacobites, and solo artist extraordinaire passed away less than one week after performing live on my radio show.

A week ago at this time, I was plenty nervous about meeting Nikki after so many years of being a fan of his music and live performances. When he showed up at the station, I was immediately taken aback by his disarmingly friendly demeanor, the incredible performance he wheeled out, and the amused patience he exhibited while dealing with me in my moment of total fanboy dorkiness. For a guy who could easily get away with pulling a pretentious, rock-god entitlement trip, I'm proud to report that Nikki Sudden was nothing if not a sweetheart, a gentleman, and a true class act. He is sure to be missed.

Anyone who'd seen Nikki perform in recent years was rewarded with an intimate engagement that felt more like catching up with an old friend than a mere rock show. Truth be told, he'd rarely get a great turnout in NYC and I think he'd be the first one to admit it. But he also made it abundantly clear that he had too much style to be phased by small crowds or being stuck on lousy bills with far lesser acts. He'd always mingle with everyone beforehand, share cigarettes with friends outside the club, and exhibit the kind of genuine excitement that's rarely seen in newcomers, let alone those who've played a strong hand in sculpting the underground rock world (and who never aspired to leave it behind for something more professionally validating.) Nikki Sudden made it clear that he was in love with what he was doing as much now as he was when the Swell Maps exploded out of the gates in 1972. The above photo was taken by my friend Rob Watts during Nikki's live set on my show last Monday evening. You are hereby invited to latch on to another piece of what made him so special.

01. Big Store
02. Midget Submarine
03. Back to the Coast / Full Moon in My Pocket
04. Burgundy
05. Happiness Lies Behind Your Closed Door...
06. Always Waiting There For You...
07. Stay Bruised
08. Aeroplane Blues
09. Zipgun Boogie
10. Down The Rivers

Released 4 December 2008

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