Saturday, April 21, 2018

'Drop The Soap' - New Album From Hella Rebelliön

Photo by Sara Katrin Walstad

Hardcore/Punk/Metal Band from Ålesund, Norway.

Formerly known as Long Lasting Train (who have shared the stage with Kvelertak, Oslo Ess and Shevils, amongst others), they’ve now got two new members to their line-up, and changed the name of the band.

Hella Rebelliön consists of three members from the now extinct Long Lasting Train; Rune Nordheim - Guitar, Sindre Brunes - Drums and Øystein Westrum - Bass. Joining them we have Markus Olausen (Happy Motherfuckers) on Vocals and Espen Farstad (Stonewolf) on Guitar.

Their music is aggressive and it sounds massive and tight as hell! It’s metal but with a lot of punk elements thrown in for good measure – it’s the unique sound of Hella Rebelliön!

Hella Rebelliön will release their first album through Rob Mules Records April 27. A digital release on all digital outlets, incl. Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and Apple.

The tracks are steeped in a drive and agressiveness that draws parallells to bands like Silver and Zugly. The vocalist Markus sounds like a pissed off Hank Von Helvete at his best/worst.

This sonic sledgehammer plays music that spans from the almost metallic and hard with a heavy dose of energy.

01 - Poison
02 - Death Proof
03 - K-9
04 - Kjøde
05 - Rebellion
06 - Drop The Soap
07 - F.Y.C.C
08 - Summerknife

Awesome album this one folks, one great slab of headbangin', foot stompin' hardcore punk metal is what you're getting here, so do yourselves a huge favour and purchase this sonic sledgehammer come April 27, you will not be disappointed!!

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