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Netherlands Home For Mostly North American Roots Artists.

1. [2015] Singles

01 Levi Parham - Badass Bob
02 Carter Sampson - Hello Darlin
03 Michael McDermott - Cal-Sag Road
04 Grant Peeples - Pitchforks And Torches
05 Chip Taylor - Whatever Devil Is In Me
06 Adam James Sorensen - Steam Train
07 Reverend Shawn Amos - Moved
08 Ad Vanderveen - Another Song
09 Cameron Blake - Fear Not
10 Ronnie Earl - Howlin' Blues
11 Kevin Breit - Chevy Casanova
12 Peter Bruntnell - Yuri Gagarin
13 Chris Blevins - Daydream
14 Slaid Cleaves - Hickory
15 My Darling Clementine - Eugene
16 Kai Strauss - The Blues Is Handmade
17 Jeff Finlin - Her Love Will Light The Way
18 David Corley - Down With The Universe
19 Carter Sampson - Queen Of Oklahoma
20 Kenny White - A Road Less Traveled

Here are the most important tracks from our Summer 2015 releases. Listen to them on your Ipods, share them with friends, play them on your radioshows. THEY ARE GREAT MUSIC AND COME FOR FREE! And if you like what you hear: support independent music and buy the albums.

Released 30 June 2015

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2. [2016] AmericAna Landscapes- Oklahoma

01 Paul Benjaman Band - Them Tulsa Boys
02 Carter Sampson - Queen Of Oklahoma
03 Kalyn Fay - Bible Belt
04 John Calvin Abney - Beauty Seldom Seen
05 Fiawna Forté - Crying Tree
06 Jesse Aycock - House Of Love
07 Steve Pryor Band - Dark Road Dirt
08 Paul Benjaman Band - Sneaker
09 Pilgrim - John Prine Tune
10 Jacob Tovar And The Saddle Tramps - Tips And Beer
11 Kalyn Fay - Spotted Byrd
12 Wink Burcham - Liquor Store
13 John Calvin Abney - Imposter
14 Jesse Aycock - Paint Me Different Colours
15 Dustin Pittsley Band - The Ocean
16 Rachel Dean - Honey Don't
17 Desi And Cody - Big Dream
18 Wink Burcham - For The Ones We Left Behind
19 Pilgrim - Easy People
20 Carter Sampson - Take Me Home With You

Oklahoma is the new hot spot for Americana Roots music. In the footsteps of artists like Woody Guthrie, JJ Cale, Merle Haggard and many other greats, people like Jimmy LaFave, John Moreland, Parker Millsap and John Fullbright carry the Red Dirt torch. Horton Records takes a central role in this, even for artists who do not record for the label. Continental Record Services is proud to work with Okies as Wink Burcham or Carter Sampson and also to represent a number of leading players (also literally) from the Tulsa scene who present themselves together as the first version of the Oklahoma Roots Revue.

The Oklahoma Roots Revue 2016 was presented by Tulsa-based Horton Records and Continental Record Services and featured:

Beau Roberson (Pilgrim)
Jesse Aycock
Paul Benjaman
w/ special guests Paddy Ryan (Pilgrim) - Drums and Aaron Boehler (John Fullbright, Parker Millsap, John Moreland, among others) - Bass
+ Carter Sampson only the first 3 shows

On 10 September, during the Roots Revue they were able to meet a delegation of Okie musicians from the Red Dirt state. And for Americana Roots fans they compiled a sampler composed of top music from top musicians from Oklahoma, except for Rachel Dean who is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, California but is on the Horton Records label.

Released 18 August 2016

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Oklahoma Roots Revue Wed 14 September 2016 Cactus Cafe Hengelo, Netherlands

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