Thursday, May 24, 2018


The Old Ironsides are four friends from Long Island making rock and roll music how ever it wants to come out.

Jarett Slionski A.K.A. the old ironsides started laying down his punk rock roots as a teenager growing up on long island, with his latest projects the rebel dead and those hated hearts, playing guitar and singing songs in typical puck rock fashion.. songs of angst and hard times, true working class..

Some say he is an old soul, that he's lived many lives.. going through a lot as a child and teenager, from being homeless, drugs and death, love and loss, having a child, getting married and divorced.. Portraying all that in his music.. He doesn't take pride in being the most talented musician, but he takes pride in what he says.. songs from the heart, honest and real.. Call it what you will, country, folk, americana, punk. He calls them songs...

1. [2013] losers, dreamers and saints

01 - cheers fuckface
02 - how long
03 - running away
04 - kissing the world goodbye
05 - some kinda change
06 - these are the days
07 - god only knows
08 - what we give
09 - world of stone
10 - we both know

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2. [2014] Wish You Weren't Here

01 - Intro
02 - Bridges
03 - The Ocean
04 - Hugo's Song
05 - Kissing The World Goodbye
06 - American Girl
07 - Falsely Yours

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3. [2016} stay wild e.p.

01 - alone tonight
02 - ham bones
03 - said and done
04 - we both know
05 - stay wild

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