Thursday, October 19, 2017


Cecilia Pellegrini: Guitar/Vocals, Simone Pippi: Drums, Marcello Rossi: Vocals/Guitar, Federico Seghi: Bass
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Forming 2012 as a trio, Bongley Dead from Ponte Buggianese, Italy are an Indie Rock Band with a bit of Garage and Power Pop thrown in for good measure. They became a quartet during 2017 with the addition of Cecilia Pellegrini.

They have released five great albums which won't disappoint, you can and should grab these great slabs of music, which are free direct downloads generously provided by Federico, by clicking on the title of the album.

[2012] Demo 1

[2013] Demo 2^2

[2014] Demo 3

[2015] 4

[2017] Undici

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