Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Speedlights Set To Release 'Night Driver'

Power Pop and Roll from Texas!!

The Speedlights outta Denton, Texas, play powerful power pop rock n roll tunes. Dwayne Ray (Guitar/Vocals), Josh Prisk (Drums), and Tony Greene (Bass/Vocals) used to play music together back in what? 1992? Well, they got back together during 2015 and added in the famous Jess Boyer (Guitar) the UPS driver for maximum on time delivery of some extra jangle.

Dwayne and Josh had discussed one day their mutual love of power pop and how more recent groups (1990s+) seemed to not have that 70's edge of the early groups and decided to get back to writing tunes again along with their old friend Tony and see if they could bring that edge.

They play original tunes that are in the vein of Big Star, The Cars, Cheap Trick, and The Ramones. They released their debut self titled EP in 2015 which received local air play, inclusion on several podcasts, as well as air time in Sweden and the UK.

"A mix of The Raspberries Power Pop Sound mixed with the Revival Mod/New Wave bands from England in the late 70's." - Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More, Sweden

Two years after their self titled debut EP, The Speedlights return with their first full length album, "Night Driver". The ten new tracks build on the late '70s powerpop influences that formed the earlier recording, but it's almost as if the band have now moved ahead a few years into the new wave early '80s. The pop hooks are still ever present for the North Texas quartet, though the addition of random synthesizer lines and occasionally darker moods are more akin to The Cars than The Knack this time out. "Night Driver" will be released early November 2017, by Jigsaw Records on CD and Wiener Records on cassette.

01. After Tonight
02. She's Alright
03. What's It Gonna Take?
04. Blame It On The Stereo
05. She'll Be There
06. Head In The Clouds
07. Summer Nights
08. Out Of Sorts
09. Try To Forget You
10. Pawn Takes King

Releases November 4, 2017.

This album is bloody good folks and a worthy addition to your music collection, you can pre-order this mighty fine album either as Digital Album for $7 USD or more/ Compact Disc for $10 USD or more from HERE, and with your help, we can bring back the power of Pop and Roll to the peoples!

The album will also be available from the Jigsaw Records site once released.

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