Monday, October 9, 2017

WhiteNails To Release Awesome Debut "First Trip" on Limited Edition Vinyl

Through a mutual love of Black Sabbath the boys of WhiteNails met one fateful evening in 2016. After a few beers and shots of whiskey they decided they needed to throw on the guitars and see what kind of noise would come forth. Hence the birth of WhiteNails. Five dudes with an appetite for loud, heavy rock and roll.

Quebec's stoner rock band, influenced by the sounds of Pentagram, Black Sabbath and Kyuss, WhiteNails adds a psychedelic touch to their debut First Trip. Heavy riffs are not lacking on this business card which has received a very positive critical reception. Add a very seventies visual and you have a band that quickly gets a top spot on the scene.

"WhiteNails’ Frankenstein mix of up-tempo grooves, infectiously full vocal delivery and monster riffs was just so out of the blue…every section of every song reveals some new touchstone.  Was that Queens of the Stone Age?  Turbonegro?  Church of Misery?  Late 80s Ozzy?  Windhand?  WTF??!!?  It’s like someone threw my record collection in a food processor set to half-speed and laid the resulting furor to tape." - Ripple Music

Hard driving, party fuelled, loud as hell, bastards of rock n roll playing some of the best solid riff-driven 70s Rock / Psych / Stoner / Doom you'll ever hear, this album is bloody awesome, one of the best albums I've heard this year, full on aural assault from the get go and an absolute must for your collection. Highly recommended.

Limited Vinyl Release Date: 13 October 2017


- 111x clear/white/black splatter vinyl (handnumbered as MAILORDER edition)
- 200x pink
- 100x black
- Plated & pressed on high performance vinyl by Pallas Group in Germany
- deluxe 300gsm gatefold cover
- special vinyl mastering

Pre-order First Trip (clear/pink/black splatter) LP 23.00 €
Pre-order First Trip (pink) LP 19.00 €
Pre-order First Trip (black) LP 17.00 €
Pre-order First Trip CD 14.00 €

Also available as digital download for $7 USD or more / 4 panel CD digipak for $10 USD or more from HERE.

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