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Lou Paris (Mr. Popular), Mark Rubenstein (Cowboy Mark), Gilbert Avondet (Mr. Ratboy), Pat Fitzgerald (Splat Action)

Sour Jazz is a New York rock band formed by four punk rock lifers down the lower East Side at the dog-end of the last century. Having logged time with legends like Marky Ramone, Cheetah Chrome and Ian Hunter among many others, these well-traveled veterans’ original goal was to simply play music as good as their heroes – the Saints, Radio Birdman, Lou Reed, Mott the Hoople and the Stooges – and ignore the whims and fashions of a music industry which was surely bound to ignore them in return.

They’d have been happy to be a footnote.

Taking their name from a misprint on a Beasts of Bourbon bootleg (namely a mash-up of their seminal Sour Mash and Axeman’s Jazz LPs), Sour Jazz embraced the folly and futility of a life in rock from the beginning. So after numerous recordings and live performances, three labels and a couple of managers, Sour Jazz somehow survives. It’s somewhat remarkable that the band is still here, the original lineup scattered around the world but still, miraculously, intact.

Sour Jazz is led by the world-famous Tokyo-based guitarist Mr. Ratboy, whose lean, incisive tone provides the perfect counterpart to scissor-legged singer Mr. Popular’s tales of urban sleaze. And of course, the combo’s heart beats to the rhythm of bassist Cowboy Mark and drummer Splat Action, together forming a singular engine room of V8 proportion.

1. [2011] Homage To Catatonia

In June 2010, SOUR JAZZ stumbled through a series of headlining gigs in Spain, touring in support of their album, 'American Seizure.'  For this tour, SOUR JAZZ were joined by very special guest, DANIEL REY, on guitar. Apart from producing the last two SOUR JAZZ albums -- 'Rock & Roll Ligger' and 'American Seizure' -- Daniel has previously played with and produced bands such as The Ramones, Ronnie Spector, Iggy Pop, Keith Richards, Richard Hell, The Misfits, Nashville Pussy and countless others. Never before had so much cunning talent shared one stage. Downright historical, that's what it was. One for the history books, one for bleary-eyed fans to look back upon with equal parts fondness and disbelief. Now, SOUR JAZZ invites you to enjoy a stunning array of mega-hits from their heroically glorious back catalogue -- songs of love, songs of despair, songs of filth and of tenderness and longing. Recorded live at Sala de Apolo in Barcelona on 16 June 2010, this official live release should do the job of seriously upsetting your neighbours.

01 - Fun Dumb Daze
02 - King Me
03 - I've Got It All
04 - Rock & Roll Star
05 - I Gotta Change
06 - Masquerader
07 - Mrs. Popular
08 - Big Generator
09 - I Wanna Live
10 - Steamroller

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 2. [2013] Live On A Street Called Rock & Roll

Scraped loose from the furthest reaches of the vaults and dusted off for downloading, this live recording captures Sour Jazz in raw, savage and unholy form. Recorded live at the Continental in NYC on 8 March 2001, this previously unreleased set is guaranteed to wilt your houseplants and send the neighbours next door running fast for the far side of town. This is the sound of Sour Jazz laughing in the face of public humiliation – a curious yet effective melange of suave and slop. Noel Ford manned the board.

01 - (I'm A) Prick
02 - Mr. Popular
03 - Fortune Cookie
04 - I Live On A Street Called Rock & Roll
05 - I've Got It All
06 - Easy As Pi
07 - The Low Point
08 - I Gotta Change
09 - Messin' With The Kid
10 - Steamroller

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